PCA's Anticoagulation Program:

  • To optimize anticoagulation therapy by regular outpatient/clinic follow-up and careful remote monitoring for some patients in order to prevent thromboembolic events due to sub-therapeutic levels, minimize bleeding risk due to over- anticoagulation, as well as detection of complications early in order to minimize or prevent adverse outcomes.

  • To provide patients with a standardized procedure for the monitoring of anticoagulation therapy to optimize their treatment outcomes and minimize untoward complications.  

  • To develop policies, procedures and processes based upon clinical evidence and best practices for optimal anticoagulation.

  • To communicate with other providers involved in our program participants care ensuring all stakeholders are aware of management objectives and changes in therapy.

  • To provide care across the care continuum particularly for patients undergoing procedures which require bridging or temporary cessation of therapy. 

PCA established a cardiologist directed and registered nurse-managed outpatient Anticoagulation service over 7 years ago. PCA's Anticoagulation Program has become one of the largest programs in the country monitoring over 2,100 enrolled patients.  Our patient compliance ratio is 68% -70% well above the national average of 55%.

PCA's highly skilled RN's under the direction of a Cardiology Medical Director provide patients with highly attentive patient specific customized care to ensure their treatment plan is executed flawlessly. 

Anticoagulation Management

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